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What is required to run Bins?
Bins works with any edition of Windows 7 through Windows 10, and requires on Microsoft's .NET 4.0 Client Profile.
An internet connection is required for updating checking and for a one-time activation of purchases.
I've upgraded to Windows 10, and Bins says it needs an update. Help!
If you've already purchased Bins, please click here to download the FREE update.
Please note, while Bins works on Windows 8, it does not work on taskbars on secondary monitors.
Basic Use
What is Bins?
A Bins container is a group of icons on your taskbar. With Bins, it's easy to create these groups to make your taskbar neat and tidy, and to have all your programs/shortcuts right on hand.
How do I combine icons into Bins?
To combine icons, drag one taskbar icon on to another. A popup will appear. Drag the taskbar icon off of the taskbar, and drop it into the group. Done!
How do I remove icons from Bins?
The same way you unpin items from the taskbar itself. Right click the icon, and choose "Unpin from group".
Does Bins support labels?
Yes, on mouseover. You can enable them from the settings dialog.
Does Bins support keyboard shortcuts?
Bins is fully compatible with Windows' existing WinKey+# keyboard shortcuts, and even extends them. To access a Bins container from the keyboard, hold the Windows key and press the number 1-9 that corresponds with the group on the taskbar. You can then use your arrow keys and enter to select an icon. Bins also supports WinKey+#+# chords for launching programs from a group with a single set of keystrokes.
Can I still access the Jump Lists for programs that I've grouped?
On Windows 7, yes. Right click an icon within the Bins container to access its Jump List. On Windows 8 and later, Jump Lists for Binned apps are not accessible at this time.
Windows 10
Does Bins support Windows 10?
Yes! HOWEVER. Modern apps are not supported. You will not be able to place modern apps into Bins at this time. Also, Bins will only work on your primary taskbar. If your system has multiple monitors, Bins will only appear on the primary screen.
Common Binning Problems
I dragged a shortcut from the start menu / my desktop and placed it in a Bins container. But when I run the program, it still shows up separately on the taskbar. How do I fix this?
Sometimes start menu shortcuts do not contain enough information about the program to work for grouping. To fix this situation, unpin the program from the Bins container, and then drag the program directly from the taskbar back in to the Bins container. If you're having trouble, first right click the program you wish to group, choose "Pin to Taskbar", and then move it into a Bins container. Unfortunately, Java applications cannot be grouped nor have links grouped with them. While Bins is compatible with most programs, please be aware, not all programs can be combined.
Why does Bins tell me "The primary icon of a group cannot be removed"? What does this mean?
Each Bins container has a primary icon associated with it. The "primary icon" is the icon which was originally dropped onto when creating the group, and it is the shortcut that is opened when the group icon is clicked while none of the programs in it are running. To change the primary icon of a group, right click that icon and select "Make primary icon".
Classic Taskbar Compatibility
I like to run my taskbar in "Classic Mode", where taskbar buttons show their labels and are not always grouped into one small icon. Is Bins compatible with this?
Yes, however it will not work quite the same. Once one or more programs in a group are running, Bins will still work, but will lose its special icon which identifies which programs are in it. Also, the Bins-indicator "nubs" will be unavailable. You can still access your Bins by mousing over the taskbar button.
I run a double-height horizontal taskbar with my "Classic Mode" taskbar. Can I run Bins?
Yes, Bins is compatible with double-height taskbars.
I run my taskbar on the left/right sides of the screen. Is Bins compatible with this?
Yes. Bins work with your taskbar regardless of which edge (or monitor, for multi-monitor systems) it is docked to.
I run my taskbar with small icons. Is there anything I should know about compatibility with Bins?
Bins works just fine with small icons on the taskbar, though, you will only see the primary icon of the group (instead of your 4 top icons in the group) due to the lack of space.
Known Glitches
I notice that on very rare occasions, when dragging a taskbar button for an extended period of time it will show the wrong icon. The problem goes away after a couple seconds, but what's up with that?
Bins' uses some inexact methods for replacing the icon images in the taskbar, and in some rare occasions it can lose track. Don't worry, it knows it's having trouble and will fix itself quickly!
I renamed a shortcut on my taskbar, and now Bins isn't working properly for that icon. What's going on?
This is a bug with the Windows Taskbar, and unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about it at this point in time. If you rename something on your taskbar, you'll need to reboot (or log off and log back on) in order to use that icon with Bins.
How many computer may I use Bins on?
Due in part to its low price, Bins' licensing policy is one machine per license. If you would like to use Bins on multiple computers, please consider buying additional copies. Your support of our small business is appreciated.
I lost my serial number! Help!
Not a problem. Click here, enter the email address associated with your purchase and we'll re-send your purchase information. This includes both your unlock code and a download link for the latest Bins version.
Customer Support
Please be aware we are a very small software shop and are not able to respond to all messages we receive. Bins is a $4.99 app and not our full-time job.

Nonetheless, our reputation is on the line, and we're very concerned about the quality of Bins. If you're having trouble with Bins, please reach out and we'll do our best to respond. Reach us at support@1upindustries.com